Black is all or nothing. It is the rockstar of elegance. The joy and glory of the games you play at night.


Black is the color of the brave and the fearless.

Black is easy and tough at the same moment.

Black is beautiful.

Black is true.

Pictures by Sven Marquardt

Born in East Berlin, Sven Marquardt was a key figure in the nascent Prenzlauer Berg punk, new wave and art scene from the mid-1980s on. After the Berlin Wall came down, he left his work as a photographer and immersed himself in Berlin’s flourishing club scene. Part of the door team at the Berghain nightclub, he is decisively responsible for the visual appearance of its label, Ostgut Ton. Marquardt has an eye for evocative contrasts and preser ves them in a state of indissoluble tension in his carefully arranged compositions. The character of his work is decisively determined by the exclusive use of analogue cameras in natural light, challenging perspectives, posed half-nudes quivering with energy, and the symbiotic interplay of his subjects’ symbolic poses and accessories.